How long is the hire period?
Typically, the hire period is 4 hours long. However, we are flexible on this and subject to availability, you can have up to an extra 2 hours without additional charge.

Do you deliver the bouncy castles?
Yes, we deliver the castles, set them up and pick them up after the 4 hour hire period. Ask us about our free delivery service.

Can we have the castle overnight?
Unfortunately we do not leave the castles out overnight. Our last pick-up time varies throughout the year, depending on how much daylight we have. As a guide, we want to pick the castles up before it gets dark.

Do you stay and supervise the castles?
No, we don’t provide supervision. We have opted not to do this so we can keep our prices low. For us to provide supervision would require us to hire someone, which will increase the hire out rates of all of our castles.

I have just booked a castle…. What happens now?
If you have made the booking, you just have to wait for the hire day to come around. Generally speaking we will call you either on the day of the hire, or on the night before the hire. This call is to touch base with you, and to arrange a drop off time.  You are also welcome to contact us a day or so beforehand to confirm arrangements.

What happens if it rains?
We do not deliver or put up the castles in the rain. The castles come with a blower, which must be kept dry and switched on at all times. Electricity and water don’t mix well, so as a rule we don’t have the castles operating in the rain. If you think it might rain during your hire period, you have the option to cancel the hire when we call you. We do not charge you for cancelled hires under these conditions.

Can the castles operate on windy days?
Yes they can, however our stronger nor-westers can be a bit too much for some of the castles. We have been forced to cancel some hires, but this is very rare. Some parents might get a bit upset at this, but it is better than having a castle tip over while their kids are playing on it.

Do I have to pay a bond or deposit?
No, we don’t operate a bond or deposit system. However, we do ask for payment on delivery of the castle.  We accept cash on delivery and prior payment via Internet banking or cheque.

Does the castle have to go up on grass?
No it doesn’t. We do have to anchor the castle down, and the easiest way is to peg it down into your lawn. So if the castle is to go up on your driveway, or on concrete etc, we need to know in advance. We can bring some padded concrete blocks for surfaces that aren’t lawn. Under no circumstances will we put the castle up on stones (shingle driveways etc).

Can the castle fit indoors?
Yes and no. They are around 4 to 4.5m high, so they will fit into the local school hall and basketball court – but they won’t fit into the average house.

Do the castles run on power?
The castles run on normal household power. We provide 30m extension cords with each castle, and we have a few spares in the truck. This means that we can position the castle quite a long way from the power supply.

What if we are in a park, or have no power supply?
We need a power supply, so if you are in a location without one, we generally hire a generator. The cost of this is an extra $65, which includes petrol. Alternatively, you can provide your own generator, which will have to be a minimum of 2.4 kW power.